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Softball Volunteers at Lincoln Elementary School

Softball Volunteers at Lincoln Elementary School

ROCKFORD, Ill. - Being a college athlete involves more than just being successful in the classroom and on the softball diamond. It also means giving back to the community and making the lives of those around you better. The Rockford University softball team embraced that idea by volunteering their time at Lincoln Elementary School over the past two months.  

"Working with the kids has been a very rewarding experience," RU student-athlete Annaka Bartz stated. "It was awesome to be in a classroom setting and help to change up the daily routine for the kids and myself!"

The softball team traveled to Lincoln Elementary School in Belvidere, Illinois from the end of October through early December to spend time with the school's first grade students. While there, the ladies spent time reading to the first graders, as well as helping them with various arts and crafts projects.

"Seeing the kid's faces when we walked in was beyond rewarding," Rockford softball player Gretchen Schrubbe commented. "It was so much more than just simply reading to the kids!" 

"It was so nice knowing that just being there once a week brought so much happiness to the kids," RU senior softball player Shannon LeGath remarked.

Softball Volunteering at Lincoln Elementary School