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Men's Soccer Announces Incoming Class

Men's Soccer Announces Incoming Class

ROCKFORD, Ill. - The Rockford University men's soccer team has officially announced its incoming class for the 2019 season. The Regents plan to bring in 15 student-athletes for the upcoming year, with a mix of both freshmen and transfers. Rockford hopes its excellent group of returners and solid recruiting class will allow the Regents to build upon the momentum from last season and continue their climb up the Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference standings.

"We are really pleased with our 2019 recruiting class," Coach Rohde stated. "We feel we've done our due diligence in making sure that the individuals coming in have the right personalities to fit into the team, which is extremely important for our chemistry and culture. We feel that every single one of these kids has a chance to contribute immediately in the fall. Our supporters and the campus community are going to really enjoy watching the young talent that we will have on display in 2019 and for years to come."


Cameron Polley


Milwaukee, Wis. (FC Wisconsin)

"Cam comes to RU from Milwaukee Ronald Reagan and has a very promising upside. Physically he's got all the tools necessary to be successful at this level. He sees the game well and has shown to be a great shot stopper and a great presence in the back. Adding him to our goalkeeping pool will not only raise the level during our day-to-day training sessions but will also push the other goalkeepers that we have. Cam comes from a strong family support system at FC Wisconsin, and we are looking forward to him bringing that experience with him to RU. Welcome, Cam!"


Caleb Warmbier


Woodstock, Ill. (Alithsa Arsenal)

"Caleb comes to RU from Woodstock High School and has really taken a vested interest in the vision of the program going forward. He's one of those kids who just got better and better during the recruiting process. Throughout the recruiting process Caleb has shown himself to be not only be a person of high character, but to also be a dynamic and promising attacking talent who is two-footed. He could play on the left, on the right, or in the center of midfield as an attacking midfielder or more of a holding midfielder. Who knows, maybe he'll see some minutes as a left back or right back. Adding Caleb to our roster will only elevate the character and the quality of our team. We are extremely excited to add Caleb to our roster and look forward to watching him develop! Welcome, Caleb!"


Ethan Bergen 


Watertown, Wis. (Madison 56ers)

"Ethan comes to RU from Watertown High School and has a tremendous work rate and attitude. It was obvious from very early in the recruiting process that this was a kid we needed to get. He was very thorough with his research on RU and has an older brother that played college soccer as well, so he knew what he was doing. Ethan plays for Madison 56ers, and he's one of those kids where every time I watch him play, he just seems to get better and better. Ethan's personality and character perfectly fit the culture that we are establishing at RU, and we are thrilled that he has chosen to join us in the fall. Welcome, Ethan!"


Ivan Montes


Waukesha, Wis. (FC Wisconsin)

"Ivan comes to RU to join his brother Carlos Montes, who is a current member of our team. Ivan has shown himself to be a class act both on and off the field. All of his coaches, teachers, administrators and everyone else I have spoken with has had nothing but good things to say about him. We are really excited to see how Ivan will develop during his time here, as his personality and character fit the mold of the foundation of the program. Ivan was a standout at Waukesha South High School and plays club soccer for FC Wisconsin. He was one of those players who just got better and better every time I watched him. Fans are really going enjoy seeing how Ivan will contribute to the program. We are absolutely thrilled Ivan will be joining us in the fall. Welcome, Ivan!"


Jared Ocampo


Chicago, Ill. (Chicago Blast)

"Jared comes to RU as an established player. Playing for the Chicago Blast, he has been exposed to all sorts of competition, and we are positive Jared has potential to contribute right away, along with the rest of our freshman class. While recruiting Jared, it was obvious from the start that he was very interested in RU. After some thought and conversations with his parents, Jared emphatically committed to RU. Jared is another high-character individual, and his personality fits the program perfectly. He could play just about anywhere in the midfield or as an outside back. We couldn't be more excited with Jared joining us in the fall. Welcome, Jared!"


Kudus Egbebi


Chicago, Ill. (Chicago Fire City Juniors)

"Kudus comes to Rockford University and is 'oozing with potential' as I like to say. From the moment I watched him I thought to myself 'this kid has a tremendous upside' and I knew I couldn't miss out on at least trying to add him to our roster. During my recruitment of Kudus, it was clear early on that Kudus comes from a great family and has tremendous character. He's the kind of kid that will have a positive impact on the program right away. I can't wait to see how Kudus develops over the next four years, and I am very happy that he is joining us this fall. Welcome, Kudus!"


Fransesco Martinig


Italy (ASD Aurora Buonacquisto)

"Fransesco comes to RU from Italy and has a breadth of high level playing experience under his belt. Fransesco was a special case for us in the recruiting process, as he found RU and reached out to us. After watching his video, I knew I had to get him on our team. I know with international students there are a lot of factors during the recruiting process that are out of our hands, but I am very pleased that it worked out for Fransesco. Fransesco will join our already quality goalkeeping core and will definitely add competition to the position every day in training, which is something I am very pleased about. I am excited for Fransesco, this next step in his soccer career and can't wait to add him to our roster. Welcome, Fransesco!"


Abdumajiid Mohammed


Johnson State University (VT)

"Adbu comes to RU as a transfer student. He is a very motivated kid who wants to interject himself into the team landscape in some fashion. What drew me to Abdu was that he was very respectful and honest with me about his situation and everything he could bring. Abdu will be one of our five goalkeepers, making the goalkeeping position probably our most competitive position on our roster. I am very excited about the addition of Abdumajiid Mohammed. Please join me in welcoming Abdu. Welcome, Abdu!"


Emiliano Martinez


Bloomington High School

"Emiliano comes to RU with a good soccer playing resume. He has a lot of club soccer playing experience at a high level in the Illinois area. When I saw Emiliano play, I immediately thought he'd be a great fit at RU. Once I got to know him, he opened up and told me that RU was the only school he was looking at. Emiliano will be joining our midfield core and will be a versatile player in the center of the field. He could even play outside back or center back with his technical skill traits. We are very excited that Emiliano will be joining us and we are very excited to see him develop. Welcome, Emiliano!"


Marcos Morales


Harvard Community High School (Chicago Inferno)

"Marcos comes to RU from Harvard Community High School, which is not far from Rockford University. Coming off a good high school season, and with a vast wealth of experience playing at a high level with his club team, the Chicago Inferno, we are very excited to announce the addition of Marcos Morales. When I saw Marcos playing as a center back, I really liked his composure on the ball and his ability to play forward. He could also have a chance at outside back or maybe even defensive mid. I am excited for Marcos to compete within the backline for a spot on the field this fall. Welcome, Marcos!"


Tony Montesinos


Morton College

"Tony comes to RU as a transfer from Morton College. Since he already has collegiate playing experience, we are very excited to see how Tony fits into the program here at RU. Tony is a mature kid and it shows in how he plays. Tony plays midfield, usually as a center mid, and is a more defensive minded player. I am excited to see what Tony can add to our midfield core. Joining the likes of Cruz Marquez, Carlos Montes, Jose Ortega, and Saeed Alqahtani, not mention a few of the other freshman coming in as well.  He adds depth and quality to our roster immediately. I am excited to see Tony compete within the squad for minutes throughout the season. Welcome, Tony!"


Paul Serratos


Racine, Wis. (ACE SC)

"Paul comes to RU from Racine St. Catherine's High School and is another one of our recruits that we are really excited to see how he can assert himself into this group. Paul is a wide-player by nature, but could find himself playing in the middle of midfield as well. He is one of those kids that I knew right after the first interaction with him, he'd be a great fit with our team. The more and more I watched him play, the more and more I liked what I saw. I spoke with Paul's high school coach, Ben Lake, and he had nothing but good things to say about his character. Please join me in welcoming another Regent to the family. Welcome, Paul!"


Jose Tolentino


Woodstock, Ill. (Alithsa Arsenal)

"Jose come to RU from Woodstock High School and has a vast breadth of playing experience. He's played for a couple of club teams throughout his career, but ultimately landed at Alithsa Arsenal, along with fellow incoming freshman Caleb Warmbier. It was clear after talking with Jose, that he possesses the right character and personality to fit into this group. Jose could find himself playing anywhere in the backline at center back or outside back. With his first choice being outside back, Jose is an athletic, attack-minded player. We are excited to see how Jose could fit in with this group and are really looking forward to what he can add to the team. Welcome, Jose!"



Armando Trujillo


Waukesha, Wis.

"Armando comes to RU with a lot of potential. He's got a strong frame, is athletic and has good technical ability and vision, which makes him versatile and able to play just about every position on the field. Throughout the recruiting process, Armando was very good about getting back to me and our admissions counselors. Armando is a good kid who has had to work very hard for what he has and where he's at in his life. He possess the right personality and character traits to fit in and has set himself up with a great opportunity to contribute right away as a freshman. Welcome, Armando!"


Ivaan Gomez


Harvard Community High School

"Ivaan comes to RU from Harvard Community High School, along with fellow incoming freshman Marcos Morales. Ivaan is a fast, athletic, and dynamic player with great ability on the ball, making him very versatile and able to play numerous roles and numerous positions in midfield and forward. After talking with Ivaan, it was evident to me that this was a kid we needed to bring into the program. As with all of our other incoming players, we believe Ivaan has the right personality and character to fit in well within the program. We are really excited to see how Ivaan can influence this program right away but also to see how he can develop in the future. Please join me in welcoming another Regent to the family. Welcome, Ivaan!"