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Academic Services

Study Tables - Partners Achieving Student Success - Academic Alerts - Campus Resources

Rockford University offers many different academic services to its campus community. As student-athletes, academic success is vastly important in pursuing a degree as well as staying on the field of play. 

The athletic department strongly advocates the pursuit of academic success for all students. Many of the resources beneficial to student success are listed below. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the many different ways RU can assist in being a winner in the classroom.


Study Tables

The athletic department, in conjunction with the Center for Learning Strategies (CLS), offers open study tables for current student-athletes that meet the criteria. Students-athletes included in the program are expected to accumulate at least 3 hours of study and/or tutor time per week. Study tables are located in Starr 114 which also serves as the CSL walk-in tutoring lab. 

Student-athletes are required to sign-in upon arrival and sign-out upon leaving. Students will receive all of the amenities of available tutoring assistance as well as a quiet place to complete their work.  

In addition, pre-set, one-on-one tutoring sessions (with CSL tutors and/or professors) can also be counted in the weekly study hour accumulation.  

Study tables run the entire academic year and participants can change based on academic alerts, mid-term grades, final grades and grade point averages.


Partners Achieving Student Success (PASS)

The athletic department, in conjunction with the CLS, offers the PASS program for all first-time, first-year student-athletes that were admitted to the University with conditions. The attendees are required to attend weekly sessions designed to assist them in getting acclimated to college life and academics. The CLS staff presents topics related to college resources, time management, triggers for academic success/difficulties, note taking methods, test preparation, test taking strategies, goal setting, stress management tactics and relaxation techniques.

In addition, the athletic department hosts a student-athlete panel and continual information related to athletic eligibility, course registration and student accounts.

The program is 10 weeks consisting of topic based programming and studying/tutoring assistance.


Academic Alerts

The athletic department closely monitors the academic status of student-athletes by responding to academic alerts submitted by the faculty. This information is vital to continued success as it permits administrators, coaches and students the ability to formulate a positive course of action to improve in the cited areas of attention.


Other Campus Resources